Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

       Located at:      

15080 Cross Creek Parkway

Unit 2 

Newbury, Ohio 44065

Mailing Address:       

P.O. Box 23735

Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023


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Services Offered

We maintain Commercial and Residential Property. Services Offered can be combined and estimated as a package or separately.

Lawn Maintenance: We provide these services from April through November.                                                                 

bullet Mowing: All turf areas will be mowed once a week (except for April and November, when we mow aproximatley twice each month). Grass height will vary from 2 to 3 inches, depending on the time of the season. Clippings will be left on the lawn, as long no visible clumps remain on the grass surface 36 hours after mowing. Otherwise, large clumps will be blown or collected and disposed of.   


bullet Edging and Trimming: All hard surfaces and areas that border grass will be edged and trimmed each week. Tree rings and flower beds will be trimmed every other mowing. All clippings from sidewalks, driveways, and roadways will be cleaned up immediately after mowing.

bullet Fertilization: All turf will be fertilized 4 times, and weeds sprayed 2 times, during the season as follows:
April - Pre-Emergent (Dimension 19-0-6)
May - Weed Control (Momentum fx2 herbicide)
July - Granular (32-3-8)
September - Granular (32-3-8) & weed control
November - Granular (32-3-8) & Winterize
We will notify the client that the turf has been fertilized so that hydration can be applied after service.

bullet Pest Management: We will scout the turf during late spring and summer for signs of disease and insect problems. Appropriate materials will be applied to prevent any turf damage that may result in more than 10% turf loss. Application of these materials will be an additional charge, stated prior to service, and applied to the next invoice.


bullet Fall Cleanup: All leaves will be cleaned from both the turf area and any flower beds at the end of the season. There is an additional cost for removal of leaves from the property. This will be stated prior to providing the service.

bullet Mulching: We will power edge and weed all flowerbeds and tree rings, trim and prune shrubs, and cover areas with 2 to 3 inches of new mulch.

bullet Spring Cleanup: We will power edge flowerbeds and tree rings, remove leaves and weeds from beds, and cut back perennials as needed.

bullet Bed Installation: We will work with you to install the flowerbeds that are exactly what you desire.

bullet Bed Maintenance: All weeds will be sprayed or pulled depending on size and location. Shrubs and trees will be pruned and trimmed as needed.

bullet Aeration: This service is provided in the Fall (cost estimated prior to service).

Miscellaneous Work: Other projects are estimated on a per job basis.

Snow Removal services are available from November to April.


bullet Snow Plowing: Plowing begins when approximately 2" of snow has fallen, and continues at periodic intervals throughout the storm.

bullet Shovel Walks: All entrances, walkways, stairways and handicap access ramps will be serviced.

bullet De-Icing: A material of our choice will be applied to driveway, walkway, stairway, and handicap access ramps.


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